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12 January, 2001 10.17am pst | Sunspot Edition
Be Dope Website Tests e Villa Optimization Code
up from the depths...e Villa!

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Anticipating the deluge of e Villa customers soon to be surfing the web combined with Be Dope's prominent placement on the e Villa launch page, the Be Dope technical team has been working on methods to optimize the site's code to take full advantage of the e Villa's portrait-oriented screen.

"What Sony has done is basically taken an ordinary monitor and turned it on its side," explained Be Dope CTO Dr. N. Doxie. "Now, BeIA takes the ordinary display information and converts it for display on the portrait-oriented monitor. While the process is blazingly fast enough to be transparent to the end-user, we're working with Be and Sony to do the work on the website itself, thus eliminating the need for the process at all. This code will then be made available to e Villa content partners, thus preserving processing time and power for other tasks and making the e Villa that much more efficient."

"Of course, it's important this new code doesn't cause any oddities with existing web browsers, and we have an extensive test suite to complete before the code is released," assured Doxie. "Currently, the BeIA browsing component follows web standards to the letter and the last thing we want to do is create a situation where webmasters are forced to code for yet another special case, as they must do with IE and Netscape."

Doxie admits there is a chance that those not using an e Villa device may experience some "quirks" in the testing phase.

"That's why they're called tests," added Doxie. "But for every page being tested, there will be a debug link that will send an error report to us and automatically reset the page with non-test code."

Debug this page


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