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Advertising on Be Dope

Be Dope is targeted at anyone interested in BeOS and the entire community of high-tech, internet and dotcom workers.

Be Dope takes a unique look at BeOS, Be, Inc., Microsoft, Linux, science, religion, politics and anything else that affects the world.

Site Launched: January 29, 1998 (the longest continually running BeOS-related website)

Psychographic Profile: The majority of Be Dope readers are technology pros on the cutting edge of the computer industry. Many are avid BeOS users and evangelists (and almost all have at least some interest in BeOS).

With Be Dope your campaign is highly targeted to a very specific demographic of BeOS-friendly technical people working in the computer industry.

Due to popular demand, Be Dope advertising is now sold on a per-impression basis. Here are the rates:

# of impressions CPM Total Price
Min. 5,000 $25 $125
10,000 $22 $220
20,000 $20 $400
40,000 $18 $720
60,000 $15 $900

Banner Details:
You will have password-protected access to realtime banner statistics which include the number of impressions and the number of clickthroughs.

Standard Banner Size: 468x60 pixels

Standard Banner File Size: 12k or less. 72dpi maximum at actual size.

You may submit multiple banners for the same run of impressions. For example, you may purchase 10,000 impressions and submit 4 different banners - each banner will receive 2,500 impressions.

To sign up, or if you have any questions, email advertise@bedope.com.

- Mike Popovic
Editor, Be Dope

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