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19 July, 2000 12:55pm pdt | PCB Edition
Macworld Overshadowed By Steve Jobs Memory Loss
How soon they forget ...
"What was I talking about again?" - Steve Jobs

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Mac rumors were flying at the Macworld Conference and Exposition in New York City, but for once they didn't concern colored plastics. Instead, they concerned the health of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who showed severe signs of memory loss when he stated that the dual-processor G4 systems, which the company touts as the "first personal computers in history to come standard with dual processors," apparently totally forgetting about systems such as the BeBox which debuted in 1995.

The incident has troubled both Apple fans and executives alike.

Analysts have pointed out that it's unthinkable that Jobs was not aware of the BeBox considering that Be, Inc. CEO Jean-Louis Gassée was a former Apple executive, that Apple at one point was considering buying Be, that there are several BeBoxen inside Apple headquarters and that's Be's slogan at the time was "One processor per person is not enough".

"Since Jobs would never do anything like distort reality, we must conclude that he suffered some sort of significant memory loss," said one keynote attendee.

Along with the dual-processor BeBox, companies such as UMAX and PowerComputing offered dual-processor machines outfitted with BeOS and Mac OS in the same time frame. Not to mention some of Apple's own past offerings, such as the Power Mac 9600MP.

"We have no details at this time, but obviously this is something we are taking quite seriously," said Apple Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Danar. "We hope to soon know if it is amnesia, aphasia, alzheimer's, a brain tumor, an annurism or other as yet unknown brain-cell destroying malady."

Jobs at one point also forgot the new "flavors" of iMacs, naming them as "puke green", "agent orange", "red china", and "yellow fever".

Images of Jobs' brain scan are expected to be posted on various Apple rumor sites early tomorrow.

"I'm sorry, what did you ask again," commented Jobs.


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