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17 March, 2000 12.20pm pst | Strawberry Edition
Media Center Updates; Relocates
Be Dope News

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Much is new in the Media Center today; many backgrounds, images and other sundy media await your perusal. Also new is its location - The Be Dope Media Center is now known as The BeNews Media Center. While sad to see it leave these pages, I'm happy in knowing that the folks at BeNews will provide a warm and loving home for this impressive collection of BeOS-related art. There were many reasons for the move, read on if you are interested.

Some time ago I noticed the BeOS community was lacking in something other operating systems had in large volumes: propaganda. Where were the cool backgrounds, proud buttons and cool/fun/striking/silly images that proclaimed our love for BeOS? They were few and far between.

So I put out the call and started the media center as an outlet for BeOS-related creativity. Fortunately, the contributions flowed in freely, and the rate has only increased over time. Unfortunately, the volume of submissions proved too much for me to handle on a timely basis. Plus, Be Dope's server space (generously provided by Dreamhost) began getting dangerously full.

Thus, I contacted the folks at BeNews. After talking with them a bit, I am confident they will maintain and grow the Media Center and continue to provide a valuable service to both artists looking to distribute their BeOS-realted creations and those looking to appreciate their work. I'm thankful to them for taking on the management of this collection.

So head on over to the BeNews Media Center to check out the latest and greatest submissions. And send your original creations to media@benews.com

A big thank you to all who helped make the media center such a success!


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