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20 November, 4.52pm pst
Calling All Artists, Musicians, Movie Makers and Creative Types

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) At first glance, the BeOS seems to have it all: a blazingly fast bulletproof technical base, an intuitive and responsive UI and an installed base of dedicated fans. What more does it need?

How about a Media Blitz?

I'm not referring to the media blitz that we have seen in the past two weeks, where various publications have finally decided to wake up and smell the symmetric multiprocessing.

I'm talking about a blitz of media - art, buttons, icons, background images, banners, poster, songs, movies, home-brewed commercials, mugs, tshirts and body art.

Take a look around - we are a bit lacking.

Sure, Be has a few buttons for your website, but there could be so much more. With Release 4's ability to display background images (for workspaces as well as folders), the time is better than ever to begin producing BeOS-related art.

So Be Dope is officially announcing the launch of the Be Dope Media Center.

The Be Dope Media Center will be a collection of the finest Be-related media from around the globe. You create the art. The Be Dope Media Center provides worldwide exposure. Any questions?

Create your background images, icons, songs, movies, commercial spoofs or whatever it is you enjoy creating and send email to media@bedope.com to let me know where on the web I can download it from for inclusion in the Be Dope Media center. Or, simply attach the files to the email if you're not able to place them on the web.

This is the chance to let the Be community benefit from your creative experience.

Does the BeOS inspire you? Return the favor by inspiring others.


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