A few months after the appearance of Be Dope, the much larger Linux community decided they should have a website just as amusing focusing on Linux and the Open Source community. Discussion ensued, and a mailing list was formed. Naturally, I had to sneak on at the last minute.

Soon enough, was born. Like Be Dope, it relied heavily on satire and poking fun at itself to entertain. Unlike Be Dope, it drew upon the vast community of Linux users, Open Source advocates and Bill Gates bashers to contribute stories. Since their subject matter cast a much wider net than any you could cast within the BeOS universe, anytime I came up with a humorous story idea that was not "BeOS-focused" enough, Segfault was happy to publish it. Several examples follow.

I also act as the graphic artist for their "Strange But False" feature - a sendup of those informative infographics popular among the USA Today genre of newspaper.

Normally found on the web at the site is currently in a transitional mode between servers.


Strange But False!

    The Force


    Big Blues