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All content written and copyright by me, Mike Popovic, except where otherwise noted. You can find more of my current humor writing at segfault.org. I also authored this little bit many years ago.

The current logo was created by the lovely and talented Nitrozac. The previous lizard logo was done by me. The first lizard logo was thanks to Noetic Art. And the original logo was a quick text graphics created by me.

The name "Be Dope" was inspired by "InfoDope", the name of Infocom's internal newlsetter.

Dr. Doxie is our honorary CTO and all-around babe.

With special thanks to melanie, shacker, +-JAB>, brother james kelley, leonardr, wendy, amr, Professor Quixote, all of Be (well most of Be anyway) and the gang at Infocom.

And of course the whole thing is dedicated to Paula who endures my nonsense daily.

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