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4 August, 6.06pm edt
Be Pocket Protector Saves Life

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) A Newark, NJ bank security guard, shot in the chest at point-blank range during a robbery attempt, miraculously survived. He credits a Be pocket protector with saving his life.

"I picked up the pocket protector at the Be Booth at PC Expo back in June. Since then I've become a big fan of the BeOS, and it's made my computing life trouble and stress-free," said thirty-seven year old Harold Glatz. "Still, I never imagined Be would literally save my life!"

Glatz was shot in the chest while leaping into the line of fire to protect a small child, targeted moments before by the would-be bank robber as "the first to go."

Although knocked back by the force of the bullet, Glatz stood up to confront the robber. The robber was confused by Glatz's survival just long enough for the S.W.A.T. team to storm the building and neutralize the robber.

Upon later examination, a .44-caliber bullet was found lodged into the pocket protector, emblozed with the slogan "We Be Geeks".

"I guess you could say their operating system isn't the only thing that's bulletproof," added Glatz.


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