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14 August, 9.35pm pdt
Be File System Author Struggles To Find True Self

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Be, Inc. employee "Dominic" Giampaolo's new book, Inside the BeOS File System Design, reveals a lot more than the inner workings of one of the most revolutionary file systems of all time - it reveals an internal struggle that threatening to tear apart Giampaolo's very being.

Be Dope reporters have obtained information that Dominic Giampaolo harbors an alternate personality. This personality, known as "Dominique Giampaolo" has been repressed by Dominic - until now.

As this screen shot from Amazon.com clearly shows:

"Dominique" Giampaolo, the up-until-now repressed personality, has begun to make herself known publicly.

"Dominique's attempt to assert herself as the author of this book is a turning point for the young Giampaolo," explained Dr. James Beville, Directory of Psychiatry at John Hopkins University Hospital. "Obviously, Giampaolo has a caring, nurturing nature - an innate desire to create. This is reflected in the extreme complexity of the Be File System itself. However, Giampaolo's attempt to repress his natural tendencies by, for example, blowing things up, forces his inner psyche to create the persona of Dominique, who has now grown so strong as to begin to assert herself in Giampaolo's conciousness."

Giampaolo was unavailable for comment. A Be, Inc. spokesperson claimed he was "on vacation".


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