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18 August, 7.00pm pdt
Be, Inc. Fights Copyright Lawsuit

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) An anonymous source has confirmed rumors of a copyright lawsuit filed against Be, Inc. in relation to its acquistion of BeDepot.

The suit, filed by The Home Depot (NYSE:HD), the world's largest home improvement retailer, claims Be's use of the term "Depot" violates copyrights held by The Home Depot, Inc.

"We are simply defending our copyright," said Mike Tracy, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Proprietary Brands when asked to confirm the existence of the lawsuit. "Both The Home Depot and Be Depot provide goods and services that vastly increase the value of an existing property - whether that property be a house or a computer. We feel the potential for confusion among the brands exists."

Several Be employees have reported seeing orange-clad Home Depot "thugs" hanging around Be, Inc. headquarters, sneering at them and threatening to re-landscape the grounds in a "most unappealing way" if Be refused to stop using the "Be Depot" brand.

Tracy claims the so-called "thugs" were simply Home Depot employees out for a walk on their lunch break, despite the fact the nearest Home Depot is in San Carlos, over nine miles away from Be, Inc. Headquarters.

Be, Inc. has stated the lawsuit was "without merit" and Be employees have boycotted all Home Depot centers and the use of the color orange in the BeOS until the suit is dropped.

"They use shopping cart graphics on their site, we have shopping carts in our stores - to me, it's an open and shut case," Tracy added.


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