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19 August, 10.28pm pdt
Design Debate Wreaks Havoc At Fry's

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Fry's Electronics in Palo Alto was the scene of a small riot as a debate over computer case design escalated quickly out of control.

As one patron gushed over the design of Apple's iMac, an unknown but red-headed passerby countered with the argument that the legendary BeBox had a cooler and in fact more functional design.

The gushing patron soon turned belligerent as he argued in favor of the iMac, pointing out the translucent case, USB ports and semi-erotic mouse.

The unknown redhead argued the BeBox's case on the basis of its dual-processors, deep blue case, pulsing lights, multitude of I/O ports and of course the infamous GeekPort, a 37-pin connector that provides four additional channels of analog/digital conversion and up to 16 digital paths.

Other customers soon picked sides, and the debate erupted in violence, reportedly after "some sort of comment" about a floppy drive was made.

"It was horrible," said one customer. "People flung mice at each other, bashed each other with keyboards, and CD-ROMs flew through the air like chinese throwing stars."

Security guards finally brought the situation under control but not before thousands of dollars worth of computer equipment lay in ruin, including several iMacs.

Everyone conceded the iMac was more aerodynamic than the BeBox, and made superior projectiles.


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