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26 August, 8.03am pdt
BeOS On Your PalmPilot?

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Rumors are circulationg that a version of the BeOS is in development that will run on the PalmPilot - the world's most popoular hand-held computing device.

According to the rumors, by snapping a special module to the bottom of the next-generation Pilot, you will be able to dual-boot between the the PalmOS and the BeOS.

Via the BeOS and special snap-in expansion module, the Pilot becomes an all-in-one portable multimedia device, allowing you to capture audio and video through the expansion module for later playback. The Pilot will also act as an AM/FM transceiver, movie playback device and television tuner.

"This would obviously be targeted to the hollywood movie mogul on the run who not only wants to manage his contacts, but in fact edit rough cuts while driving along the Pacific Coast Highway or stuck in traffic on the LA Freeway," said one Be, Inc. employee on condition of anonymity.

The key to the expansion module is a new version of the famed "Geekport", which allows the Pilot to connect to modems, T1 lines, HDTV, cable feeds, DVD players, camcorders, Super8 cameras, USB devices, ZIP drives, MIDI devices, S-video feeds, laser printers, optic and aural nerves, coffee makers and almost any device with a port or wire of any kind.


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