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27 August, 8.54am pdt
Experimental Weapons Satellite Narrowly Recovered

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) An anonymous source at NASA sent along the following email:

"I wanted to share an interesting problem we had with the BeOS recently. We were uploading some new code to one of our experimental weapons satellites last week. Of course, we use the BeOS to manage and run all our latest systems. Anyway, some joker here was spending a lot of time playing games on the BeOS, but was hiding them on his system by giving them similar names as project files. To make a long story short, we accidentally uplinked a copy of be_asteroids to the satellite. At first the satellite went offline, and nobody knew why. A few minutes later, we got it back online, but found it had left its assigned orbit and armed its weapons system. While we scrambled for control it locked onto several targets and destroyed them. At this point, the engineer who was hiding the game files figured out what must have happened and informed the rest of the team. With this knowledge, we managed to regain control of the satellite, but not before it partially disabled a major communications satellite and knocked out paging services for most of the United States (you probably remember that incident - this was the real cause of the so-called 'malfunction')."
I believe this serves as a timely reminder for the Be community that the power of the BeOS should be handled with extreme care. A public service announcement from your friends at Be Dope.

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