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2 September, 7.25pm pdt
Gassée Infiltrates Apple?

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) An item noticed on an Apple press release by a sharp-eyed Be Dope has led to an investigation whose results are shocking the computer industry.

"I was searching for any information the Apple website might have about [former Apple top executive and current Be, Inc. CEO] Gassée and/or the BeOS" explained the reader. "While using their search engine, I accidentally typed 'begasse'. I was surprised when the erroneous search brought up over 100 hits!"

Be Dope investigators quickly traced the cause of the hits to one "Tami Begasse", Senior Manager of Corporate Media Relations.

"There is no such thing as coincidence," said one member of the Be Dope investigative team. "The only rational conclusion is that the alleged 'Tami' is none other than Jean-Louis himself, using his notorious mastery of disguise to infiltrate Apple headquarters."

Further reports seem to verify this conclusion. Several Apple employees thought they recalled Begasse muttering in a 'foreign language of some sort' and suspicously taking copious notes at key meetings. Furthermore, no one in the computer industry can remember seeing Begasse and Gassée together.

"Hmmm that does seem suspicious," commented one Apple employee.

Be, Inc. headquarters claimed Gassée was unavailable for comment. At the exact same time, Begasse was in top-level meetings at Apple. Coincidence?

"Now that you mention it, Begasse does prefer fine Frech wines," added colleague Dianne Coman.


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