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8 September, 10.57pm pdt
R4 Codenamed "Hawking"

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Sources close Be, Inc.'s Menlo Park Headquarters have revealed the internal code name for Release 4 of the BeOS is "Hawking".

According to these sources, the code name's origin is none other than the world-renowned Cambridge physicist, Dr. Stephen Hawking.

"Hawking's work redefined our understanding of the nature of the Universe we live in," said our source, speaking on condition of anonymity. "Since BeOS R4 will redefine our understanding of the computers we deal with, the engineers felt the title was fitting."

"Of course, the fact that Dr. Hawking was an early adopter of the BeOS might have played a part," added another source.

"I am happy to see the BeOS finally being recognized, along with black holes, dark matter and gravity, as an intrinsic force of our Universe," Hawking said.


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