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17 September, 7.30pm pdt
BeOS Programming on ESPN2

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) ESPN2, the cable sports network that has brought you such shows as "Malaysian Downhill Bed Racing", "The National Recreational Chainsaw Juggling Championship", and "The Austalian Drowning Competition" plans to air a special on BeOS programming next month.

"Let's face it, programming the BeOS recquires a lot more mental acuity than most of the 'sports' we cover," said Al Warshub, Vice President of Programming Marketing. "Our focus group research revealed programming the BeOS is exciting, fast-paced and stimulating, not only for the programmer, but for the spectators as well."

In the first International BeOS Challenge, the programmers will be presented with a programming problem to solve, and then race against each other to come up with the most elegant solution.

The network has high hopes for the series, although similar past attempt were less than succesful.

"Admittedly, after 'The Windows Challenge' ran into its ninth week, there were not many viewers left," Warshub confirmed. "There was a bit of excitement in the third week when one team got their machine to boot, but that was about it. But the BeOS is an entirely different situation. During our testing phase, the BeOS teams cranked out a sexy video manipulation app, for example, in just a few hours."

Teams from around the world are lining up to compete, not only for the national exposure and the prize money, but also for the income generated by then shipping the completed app.

"After the BeOS Challenge, be sure to stay tuned for 'The Semi-Pro Dirt Eating Finals' - the excitement never ends on ESPN2," Warshub added.


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