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18 September, 6.50pm pdt
Woz Adopts BeOS

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder and creator of the Apple and Apple ][ personal computers, revealed today he was officially adopting the BeOS.

"Woz" (as he is infamously known), frustrated by lack of innovation, left Apple to his co-founder Steve Jobs and dropped out of the mainstream computer scene.

He continued to keep up and experiment with technology. He is currently a teacher of sixth-grade students in the California bay area. Ultimately, it was they who motivated him to investigate and then enthusiastically adopt the BeOS.

"Finally, here was something that is makes computing fun again," Woz said when contacted by Be Dope. "When I start to speak of the computer as something that can be fun and creative, my students look at me as if I'm crazy. To them, the computer is like the toaster or coffee machine - useful but not terribly exciting."

"Since I've introduced the BeOS into the classroom, creativity - and productivity - have skyrocketed," Woz continued. "Not only are we using the computers to create art, the computers themselves are becoming part of the art. And the stability and speed of the BeOS lets the students finish their 'regular' work so they have more time to explore and have fun."

Be, Inc. donated forty copies of the BeOS to Woz's class.

"The BeOS is to the world of operating systems what the Apple was to the world of personal computers - something so advanced, most people aren't even dreaming about it yet," Woz added.


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