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25 September, 10.06am pdt
Be Adopts DWARF Format

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Tracking down unsubstantiated rumors of the BeOS switching to the ELF system, Be Dope reporters were shocked to uncover the actual truth: Be engineers have switched to DWARF for BeOS R4.

DWARF (Death-defying Widgets And Realtime Format) was developed as a theoritcal exercise by engineers at MIT who were surprised to learn of its actual implementation.

"DWARF is a beautifully fast and stable binary file system," said Dr. Gabe Fisher, DWARF project leader. "But we didn't think the technology would exist to take advantage of it for at least a decade. Of course, we hadn't considered the BeOS, which in retrospect was a huge mistake."

"Basically, DWARF slices through ELF like a two-handed broad axe," said a Be engineer. "Once we got DWARF working, there was clearly no alternative."

Early benchmarks of the BeOS compiled via DWARF have it running almost twice as fast as its non-DWARF brethren. Yet, it is a bit less than half the size.

"With DWARF you get a lot of strength and endurance wrapped up in a compact yet hardy package," confirmed a Be engineer. "And for some reason it is especially optimized for data-mining."

The DWARF project is not related to the the OGRE binary file system, currently being adopted by Microsoft, Inc.


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