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30 September, 3.22pm pdt
Be Dope Launches Newsletter

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Be Dope today announced the launch of the Be Dope Newsletter, a weekly email publication designed to complement the Be Dope website.

"Some of the inside info we have here at Be Dope is simply too sensitive to put on the Be Dope web site," I said earlier today. "Delivering even more Be Dope content directly to readers' email inbox seemed the natural way to go."

The Be Dope Newsletter, to be delivered on a more-or-less weekly basis, will contain content not found on the web site, summaries of the week's stories, and other undoubtably vital information not to be missed.

In beta testing, Mark W. signed up for the newsletter and received a raise and promotion the next day. Fred T. did not sign up, and two days later was killed by a brick that was knocked free of a seventeen story building by a satellite that was sent off-course by cosmic rays.

"The choice seems obvious to me," I said at the launch party.

Sign up now! Or don't (but you'll be sorry).

"Hey, you shouldn't be reading this sentence, you should be signing up for the newsletter," I added.


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