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1 October, 5.47pm pdt
Woody Guthrie Pens BeOS Folk Song

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Woody Guthrie, an American singer/songwriter legend, took time from enjoying the sweet hereafter recently to write a song about the BeOS.

Appearing in a dream to singer/songwriter Rich Popovic, Guthrie explained that the BeOS has caught the interest of those in the afterlife more than anything has in thousands of years.

Guthrie, looking to record this bit of history, took one of his favorite tunes, wrote some new words and came up with The BeOS Talkin' Blues (2.6 MB, mp3 format).

After learning the song from Guthrie in his dream, Rich Popovic immediately contacted Be, Inc. HQ. There, the nefarious Baron recorded the song, tweaked it a bit (using the BeOS) and got it ready for download.

Do not miss this unprecedented event in American music. Listen to The BeOS Talkin' Blues.


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