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5 October, 5.47pm pdt
"Mozart" Paint In Development

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Software developer Táve announced plans to deliver an in-depth painting/photo application by the name of Mozart.

When it was pointed out by sharp Be Dope reporters that Mozart is in fact a world-renowned historic figure for his ability as a musician, Táve admitted being aware of the anomaly.

"There was a bit of a rift here at Táve when we sat down to decide what sort of application we wanted to develop first" said Táve's Adrian Ziemkowski. "It was a fairly even split between music and graphic software. In the spirit of working together, we compromised and came up with Mozart - true, it's a graphics program, but it integrates sound like no other graphics program before it."

Mozart's entire user-interface is audio-centric. To select a color, for example, you simply take the RGB or Pantone value of the color, convert it into a short musical score via a custom algorithm and then hum the resulting notes into a microphone. Draw freehand by singing or playing an tune, the notes, pitch and timing of which must be based on the X,Y coordinates of the on-screen brush.

Other audio cues control standard graphical functions. Sustaining a Middle C note will convert the picture to indexed color using only web-friendly shades. Humming the opening bars of Beethoven's fifth is analogous to Undo.

While some have criticized the user-interface as being too restrictive, Táve points out that users are free to play the notes on any instrument of their choosing, including the human voice.

Early adopters of the program will receive their choice of a harmonica, clarinet or five free voice lessons to give them a jump start on the program's learning curve.

"After Mozart, be sure to watch for the launch of our next product, Picasso, a music composition tool based entirely on color and brushstrokes," Ziemkowski added.


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