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12 October, 5.55pm pdt
Developers Adjust Programs For R4

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Several developers have contacted Be Dope after receiving the R4 Beta CD today, reporting on its remarkable speed.

In many cases, the speed is too much to handle.

After recompiling programs to be compatible with the ELF binary format, many developers are finding the speed improvements are so severe as to render their programs unusable.

"After I recompiled Blanket, it ran modules so quickly they were a blur - you could not tell which module was running," emailed Duncan Wilcox, author of the popular Blanket screen saver. "I was forced to re-write some code so Blanket would run at a usable speed."

Several games authors were faced with similar problems. Moments after starting a game, the game would end as the computerized opponents would destroy players before they could blink.

Those forced to rewrite code in order to slow things down are certainly not complaining.

"Too much speed is a nice problem to have," said one developer. "The speed and responsiveness of the BeOS is now beyond anything I've seen before, despite the fact that they have also added features and improved functionality. Usually it's one or the other."


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