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19 October, 6.02pm pdt
No News From Be, Inc.

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Be, Inc. was quick to point out that there was absolutely no news to report today.

Be Dope visited Be, Inc. HQ to investigate this strange phenomenom.

When asked what was going on by Be Dope reporters, a startled Be employee quickly responded "Nothing! Not a thing. Really. Err, I have to go check on something..." before running hurriedly away.

Another employee suspiciously asked "Why, what have you heard," with a probing expression as he quickly covered up some official-looking documents on his desk.

When specifically asked about Comdex, a Be spokesperson was quick to reply:

"There is most definitely no news to report about Comdex! I have no comment on any alliances with industry leaders, startling new product announcements or futuristic BeOS-based devices that will be announced there. Because there is no news on those subjects," said the spokesperson before slamming her office door to take a phone call.

"And don't come back tomorrow, because I suspect there will be a continued lack of news," she added.


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