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21 October, 5.57pm pdt
Grove Speaks Out On BeOS

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Numerous sources have reported Andy Grove's recent demo of the BeOS running on upcoming Intel processors at Agenda, the annual, exclusive, invite-only gathering of industry bigwigs.

A Be Dope reporter obtained this exclusive interview with Mr. Grove after the presentation:

Be Dope: Impressive presentation Mr. Grove. How would that demo have performed using the same hardware but a different operating system?

Grove: Quite frankly, that particular demo is just about impossible on any other operating system. With just half as much going on, most operating systems crash and burn.

Be Dope: So, in your view the BeOS is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the latest advancement in processor design?

Grove: Exactly right. Especially when you consider Be's ability to effectively harness multiple processors. But even when using just one processor, the BeOS squeezes every bit of power possible from the chip.

Be Dope: As opposed to say Windows...

Grove: As opposed to Windows which squanders the power with multiple layers of code bloat. Frankly, even with our latest shipping processors I have trouble keeping my machine running smoothly if I dare to launch two or more applications.

Be Dope: Who do you predict will adopt the BeOS?

Grove: Well, the so-called "power-users" certainly, and the BeOS already enjoys a healthy following among the "geeks and hackers". But with the ease-of-use and expanded hardware compatibility of R4 I think we'll see people dabbling in home video/audio editing taking a serious look at the BeOS.

As word spreads, I expect anyone who cares about getting the most performance out of their machine (high-end machines especially, but not excluding 'regular' machines) will fall in love with the BeOS, as I have.

Be Dope: Do you know the reason why Bill Gates decided not to attend this year's Agenda?

Grove: Gates emailed me and threatened to be a no-show if I insisted on the BeOS demo. I refused to cave in to his demands.

Be Dope: Thank you Mr. Grove for your valuable time.

Grove: My pleasure - Be Dope provides me with a much needed break on a daily basis!


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