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5 Nov mb r, 5.49pm pst
Vow l Bug Hits B OS R4 B ta

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) A bug in th  lat st v rsion of B OS R4 was discov r d by B OS b ta t st rs today, but should not aff ct th  final shipping sch dul  of R4, B   ngin  rs r port.

Th  bug in qu stion caus s all instanc s of th  l tt r " " to b  suck d out of th  op rating syst m.

"Whil  this do s not r nd r th  B OS unusabl , it c rtainly is damn annoying," said a B   ngin  r.

How v r, th  caus  of th  bug has b  n discov r d, and a t am of B   ngin  rs will work though th  night to  liminat  it.

"W  won't slip," add d on   ngin  r.


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