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6 November, 5.22pm pst
New Mail-It Does Morse Code

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Beta testers of the latest version of Beatware's Mail-It 2.0 have reported several time-saving and efficiency-increasing new features along with a host of interface improvements. But by far the most popular change is one that allows them to "read" their email from across the room.

A new preference under General:Mail Notification reads "Keyboard Animation". When activated, the keyboard lights (Num Lock/Caps Lock/Scroll Lock) will output the subject lines of incoming emails via morse code.

"This idea started out as a personal convenience," said Mail-It programmer Sebastien Bouchex, who added the feature so he could watch for important emails at his workstation while staying in bed across the room. "But I'm glad others are finding it useful."

"I've rewired my machine into my home's electrical system so the morse code not only flashes on my keyboard, but on every light bulb in the house," said one beta tester. "Now everywhere in my home I am constantly in tune with my email messages and can respond quickly to critical communications."

"In a recent user survey, 'blinking lights' was listed as the number one reason people upgrade their applications," added Bouchex.


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