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11 November, 5.58pm pst
Hitachi Expands BeOS Plans

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Following an overwhelming response to their annoucement of a computer bundled with the BeOS, Hitachi today revealed plans to expand inclusion of the BeOS with many of their other product lines.

Go Hitachi! "The attention from the press, investors and of course the 37% increase in Hitachi stock prices have convinced us we made the right move with Be," a Hitachi spokesperson said.

Hitachi has begun drawing up plans to integrate the BeOS not only with other computer lines, but also with their notebooks, storage devices, breadmakers, projection TVs and VCRs.

More surprisingly, Hitachi also announced plans to include the BeOS with some of their lesser-known products, including inverter welders, jig saws, power plant equipment, belt sanders and microwave plasma etching equipment.

"If we can't integrate the BeOS directly with the product, we'll just ship it with a BeOS CD and some tshirts," the Hitachi spokesperson added. "Our research shows it will increase sales 274% across the board".


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