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12 November, 10.28pm pst
Virgin Mary Sighted In The BeOS

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Following today's revelation that Intel has invested in Be for several years, Be Dope reporters have discovered that the investment has been more than simply monetary.

In addition to an undisclosed sum of money, Intel has granted Be access to their private tropical island, a secret location in the Caribbean, the exact location of which is known only to a handful of executives and a few local fishermen.

By flying Be employees to this island, Intel has provided the sort of rejuvenation needed after pushing brainpower to its human limits in creating the BeOS.

"The island paradise retreat is a critical factor," said Intel's Andy Grove. "Attempts to create a cutting edge OS in the past has always failed because engineers were never provided with the type of recuperation needed after writing code that seemingly defies the laws of physics."

Grove would not comment on the rumor of private yacht set to transport the entire Be team to the island after the Golden Master of BeOS is burned.


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