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23 November, 5.47pm pst
Be Last To Leave Las Vegas

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Officials at the Sands Convention Center (also known as the Sands Converted Parking Garage) in Las Vegas are used to handling last-minute emergencies before large shows such as COMDEX, but this year's COMDEX had them stumped when attendees flatly refused to leave before seeing a demo of the BeOS.

A human shield formed around the Be booth Friday afternoon as COMDEX began to shut down. Thousands of people wanted to see the BeOS, and none of them were leaving until they had their chance.

"All I've heard about all week is this BeOS, and damned if I'm leaving before seeing what it can do," said one attendee late Friday night.

A team of tired but dedicated Be employees went into "24 hour Demo Mode" and managed to show off the BeOS to all those interested by late Sunday afternoon. Until then, the sheer numbers of the crowd thwarted any dispersal attempts made by Sands officials.


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