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24 November, 5.47pm pst
AOL Acquires NetPositive

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Shortly following it's announcement that it would acquire Netscape for 4.2 billion dollars, AOL annouced it would also begin negotiations to acquire NetPositive, the BeOS native web browser.

"We're going up against Microsoft and we have no idea what it will take to win," said AOL CEO Steve Case. "With Netscape, we've acquired the world's most popular browser company; with NetPositive we hope to acquire the world's fastest and most efficient browser."

According to inside sources, Case is offering "a number in the hundreds of millions" for the NetPositive source code. As part of the deal, NetPositive engineer Scott Barta would become a wholly-owned subsidiary of AOL.

Be had no comment on this story at press time.

AOL stock rose an additional 17.3% on the report.


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