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25 November, 5.10pm pst
Hallmark Introduces BeOS Greeting Cards

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Just in time for the holiday season Hallmark announced a new line of greeting cards geared towards the BeOS.

"With the BeOS gaining in popularity, we wanted to be the first to address this vast, untapped market," said Hallmark spokesperson Nita Obbink.

Expected to be the most popular this season is the "Congratulations on Your New Operating System Card", designed to be given to those who have just purchased BeOS Release 4 for the first time.

"Discovering the BeOS is as a momentous occasion as buying a house, changing jobs or moving to another country," Obbink explained.

Other cards in the series include a "Get Well Soon - Install the BeOS" for computers plagued by constant system crashes under other operating systems.

A BeOS-themed Christmas card stresses the theme of tolerance and "peaceful coexistence".


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