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30 November, 5.48pm pst
Holiday Shoppers Flock to BeOS

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Retailers across America threw open their doors early last Friday morning, signalling the traditional start of the holiday shopping frenzy. As always, economists kept a sharp eye on weekend totals, watching for trends in the way people will (or will not be) spending their money this year.

One group of economists today revealed that a record number of people went online for their holiday shopping. And a large percentage of those people headed straight for BeDepot.com, a marketplace for the BeOS and BeOS-related products.

"What we see this year is an attempt by people to regain what is now seen as their most precious commodity - time," explained Dr. Brent Habloth, professor of Economic Trends at Stanford University. "So, they not only go online to avoid the holiday crowds, they purchase the BeOS to save time spent on computing tasks."

"With the BeOS demo CD alone, I was able to complete my tasks in about half the time they normally take - and that's not even counting time wasted configuring, crashing, twiddling and rebooting," said one BeDepot.com customer.

"I not only got myself a copy, I got a copy for all my friends and family," said another. "If you care about people, there is no better way to show it than with a copy of BeOS Release 4."


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