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1 December, 5.38pm pst
Be Dope Launches Media Center

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Today, Be Dope officially launched the Be Dope Media Center, a central repository for Be related graphics, buttons, ads, music and other such propaganda-like material.

"While the BeOS is without a doubt technically advanced, it does lack a bit in art, buttons, icons, background images, banners, poster, songs, movies, home-brewed commercials, mugs, tshirts and body art," said a Be Dope spokesperson. "The Media Center allows BeOS users around the world to instantly share their creative genius with the entire Be community."

Currently, the Media Center contains some background images, icons, buttons, music, advertisements and other images. But ultimately the success of the Media Center depends on the Be community itself.

"The members of the Be community are blessed with true creativity and imagination. We hope they will look around the Media Center and decide to contribute."

Submissions to the media center can be sent directly to editor@bedope.com


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