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3 December, 11.55am pst
BAM Strikes Again

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Members of the Be Advancement Movement (BAM), an extremist group of Be enthusiasts, have claimed responsibility for the latest in a series of stunts designed to raise awareness of the BeOS.

Commuters in California's Bay Area were treated to a slightly different view of a billboard along Highway 101, captured here in this photograph by Be Dope staff photographers:

(Click for full-sized image)

"I was stuck in traffic, staring at that billboard, when all of a sudden I had a vision," a BAM member explained in an email to Be Dope. "I saw how it could deliver the truth of the BeOS to millions of people."

According to the email, it was the negative reference to "geeks" that compelled him to realize his vision of an improved billboard.

"For too long, geeks have been supressed. I say, 'No More!'"

Apple was unavailable for comment, and as of press time the altered billboard was still in place along Highway 101 North, just south of San Francisco.

"We're geeks! We're here! We're proud!" the email added.


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