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8 December, 5.15pm pst
Massive Power Outage Linked To BeOS

Nearly one million people and thousands of businesses in San Francisco and surrounding areas were without power for most of today. While Pacific Gas & Electric claim the blackout was caused by "human error", some industry experts claim that is just a cover story designed to hide flaws in a system not designed to deal with massive surges in use of power.

These same experts claim today's surge was caused by BeOS Release 4.

"We're starting to see R4 CDs hit the streets," said one analyst. "As a result, not only do people want to use their computers more often, they are also able to keep them running for longer stretches without having to be rebooted or shut down."

Some experts claim this shift in computing habits, spread across a wide scale, cause changes in long-established power-usage patterns that some systems are not ready to deal with.

"Be is changing the way people use computers. It seems the power companies are the first [non-computer] industry to be affected by this - they won't be the last," predicted an AP news reporter.

Ironically, Be, Inc. Headquarters was not affected by the power loss. They had no comment at press time.


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