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16 December, 5.30pm pst
Be Announces Major Bundling Deal

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) In a joint press conference, Be, Inc. and a contigent of elves representing Father Christmas today announced a limited-time BeOS bundling agreement, allowing kids from one to ninety three to get the BeOS pre-installed on computers they request from jolly old St. Nick, commonly known as Santa Claus.

"If someone orders a computer directly from Dell, for example," said Claus, attending the conference via a videolink from the North Pole, "there is little we can do. But if little Timmy from Nebraska asks me for an Inspiron running the BeOS, I am overjoyed that our workshop can now fulfill that request."

In fact, Santa Claus will fulfill requests for BeOS-only, dual or even triple-boot systems.

"Be's policy of peaceful coexistence is the perfect message to send during this season of peace and joy," Claus said.

Santa's elves report working with the BeOS takes less effort and in fact brings more joy to children than traditional toys such as wooden trains and recent favorites such as Tickle-Me-Elmo and the Tamagotchi.

"Those damn Elmo dolls," recalls one elf. "Once one of them started laughing, they all started and it took hours for them to stop. But nothing was worse than when all the Tamagotchi in the west wing of the warehouse spontaneously hatched an we had to keep them all alive until Christmas. I swear I still hear them beeping in my nightmares."

The special version of BeOS bundled with Christmas computers includes holiday backgrounds, festive icons and Christmas Carols in the /optional folder.

"Children who are especially nice may find an extra processor under the tree," Santa added.


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