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5 January, 4.48pm
BeOS: On The Next Jerry Springer

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) It seems even Jerry Springer, scourge of the daytime talkshow, is not unaware of the importance the BeOS has taken on in the everday life of its users. At the end of today's episode, producers revealed a topic under development is "I was left for the BeOS".

"We focus on important social issues - issues that tear people's lives apart," said Eliza Brock, executive producer. "We want to help these people - our show is all about helping the less fortunate. And, when necessary, wrestling the less fortunate to the ground, kicking them and hitting them with chairs."

According to Brock, there is no shortage of hard luck stories caused by the BeOS.

"We have one couple from Madison, WI - both long time Mac users," Brock related. "Then, the wife starts dual-booting into the BeOS. Next thing you know, not only is she happier, but she is getting her work done more quickly. By the time Netscape launches for her husband she is out the door for a water skiing lesson with Lance, the virile next-door neighbor."

Brock reports the episode will air sometime during the Februarys ratings sweeps.

"We hope to provoke thoughtful discussion, powerful insights, mild violence and maybe show a little skin," Brock added.


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