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19 January, 7.29pm pst
BeOS Mentioned In Prez Speech

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) In tonight's State of the Union Address, United States President Bill Clinton was expected to avoid mentioning and instead focus on the strong economy, declining crime rates and the budget surplus.

What was not expected was his mention of the BeOS as an indicator of the "excellent state the Union is in".

According to Clinton's speech, the advancements the BeOS has made in personal computer operating systems reflects a stable economy which leads to "the desire for people to push themselves to their limits and explore new frontiers".

This exploration has already paid off in many federal agencies, where the BeOS was installed and improved overall efficiency by 82%, Clinton said.

Minutes after the speech, the Be, Inc. website was flooded with visitors seeking more information.

"If the BeOS can simplify the United States bureaucracy, just think what it could do for us 'regular' folk," emailed one websurfer.


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