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20 January, 7.58pm pst
Be Plans Ads For Superbowl

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Continuing in their tradion of not doing anything halfway, sources inside Be, Inc. report their first foray into television advertising will be during Superbowl Sunday, capturing the attention of a billion-strong worldwide audience.

"We are really risking it all on this," said our source on condition of anonymity. "We've used up all the money Intel gave us to buy the time, pay the talent and produce the commercial - we are expecting a huge payoff."

Reportedly, the one-minute spot stars such high-profile actors as Tom Hanks, Sharon Stone, Robin Williams, Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts, Jackie Chan, Steve Martin and "other big names". Oliver Stone was turned down to direct the piece, losing out to Steven Spielberg. Industrial Light and Magic and Jim Henson's Creature Shop also participated, although the exact nature of the participation is unknown at this time.

"This commercial will forever change people's perception of the BeOS and all of broadcast media," said our source. He also reports deals have already been made for the book and movie rights based on the sixty second spot.

Even inside Be, little else is known except shooting took place at various locations, including Be HQ in Menlo Park, the coast of Africa, the Grand Tetons and Denali National Park, Alaska.

"Prepare to be amazed," our source added.


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