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25 January, 5.58pm pst
New BeBoxen?

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Rumors have surfaced that in response to popular demand, Be, Inc. is considering reviving the BeBox, the honorably-retired BeOS computer that took the computer industry by storm.

While details of the completely updated and re-designed hardware of the "BeBox II" were not available, rumor has it that Be will abandon the old case design and opt for one that will appeal to geeks of all ages:

A completely Lego case.

Yes, Be will unite a superior OS and powerful hardware with a case that is truly customizable by the user. Access the internals via the left or right side, the top, or deconstruct the case altogether. Change the shape according to your whim! Add fins! Don't like the color? Swap out some bricks. Add as many blinking lights as you desite. Attach a Lego Mindstorms kit to build a BeBox that follows you around the room, stirs your coffee and/or chases your cat.

Stay tuned for photographs and hardware specifications as they become available.


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