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27 January, 5.48pm pst
BeOS on E.R.

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) A sharp-eyed Be Dope reader emailed this report:

Watch last week's episode of E.R. carefully and you'll catch a glimpse of the BeOS! There is a scene where an employee of NASA is giving a presentation to some docs, and he has a big video screen behind him. They never really focus on the screen, but since I taped the show, I was able to watch frame by frame and confirm that it was indeed the BeOS up there! Cool!

As is widely known, NASA uses the BeOS extensively on a number of projects. I am curious if the E.R. people did their research on this one used the BeOS in the shot at the suggestion of NASA or if a BeOS fan is lurking on the technical crew of E.R. and slipped it in. If you work for either of those organizations and have an answer, let me know!

Either way, it's good to see the BeOS creeping into the spotlight in any way possible.


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