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29 January, 10.32am pst
Happy Birthday Be Dope

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) One year ago today, Be Dope came into the world and changed your life forever. Well, maybe we haven't changed your life, but hopefully we gave you in-depth, behind-the-scenes coverage of BeOS-related events and maybe even some laughs along the way.

Despite the lawsuits, bomb threats, government crackdowns and assassination attempts, we are still having as much fun as when we started, and are dedicated to covering the ever-changing world of the BeOS for years to come.

Thanks to all our readers who keep coming back for more, for their dedication and/or boredom.

What's in store for Year 2? Sign up for today's special edition of the Be Dope Newsletter for a complete wrap-up of year one, what's planned for the future and perhaps even a special guest article or two.

Thanks again to all!


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