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5 February, 4.59pm pst
User Friendly Links to Be Dope

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Following a trend spreading through the World Wide Web like the ebola virus, humor site User Friendly placed a link to Be Dope on its front page.

"Be Dope offers a unique perspective on news no one else does," said Illiad, User Friendly's creator. "The information found at Be Dope is critical not only to those in the BeOS community, but to all people of earth."

According to web survey company Media Matrix, over 200,000 links to Be Dope exist on the Web today.

"By simply linking to Be Dope, a site adds a valuable service for its readers," said Media Matrix analyst Donna McNeil. "Plus, it shows the site's visitors how hip and edgy the site is, adding to its popularity."

"I'm proud to welcome the highly intelligent and discriminating User Friendly readers to Be Dope," I reportedly said over lunch today. "It's a pleasure to know Be Dope will be keeping them informed of the latest BeOS news and events."

The linking was launched with a Quake-fest where BeOS engineers tested the new BeOS version of Quake II while playing against a clan of skilled User Friendly fans.

When asked about the outcome of the match, one Be engineer commented, "When you get to play Quake all day as part of your job, no one loses."


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