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8 February, 5.54pm pst
New R4.1 Anti-SPAM Feature

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Word has leaked out of a new anti-SPAM measure built into BeMail in the R4.1 beta version of the BeOS.

According to testers, a new menu item titled "Eliminate SPAM" exists under the "Message" menu. When activated, a BeOS AI system will successfully track down the true origin of the SPAM (bypassing any forgery attempts the spammer might have made) and melt the processors of the offending machine.

"We realize this is not an ideal solution," said one Be engineer, "but we are hoping that if it happens enough times, spammers will begin to get the message that spamming to BeOS users is not in the best interest of their profit margin.

During testing, Be engineers were able to successfully melt the processors of SPAM machines 98% of the time. One percent of the time the AI could not establish the identity of the spammer. The other one percent of the time, the offending spammer's machine actually exploded for some reason. A bug report has been filed.


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