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25 February, 5.20pm pst
BeOS Widens Generation Gap

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) While the sociological impacts of the BeOS are mostly positive, there are unfortunately a few negative side effects that must be dealt with. One of these is the widening of the generation gap caused by the BeOS.

Recent studies have show that some parents raised on older operating systems just "don't get these kids today with this BeOS".

"In my day, we showed more respect for our operating systems," said Jose Martin, parent of three teenagers - all avid BeOS users. "Now my own children leave their computers on twenty-four hours a day, launch five, ten, even fifteen applications at once - my warnings of impending doom go unheeded."

Alana Paduchi, a high school math teacher, has trouble understanding her students at times.

"SMP, spinlocks, semaphores, pervasive multi-threading - it's like they're speaking some foreign language," said Paduchi, who is well-versed in such languages as Pascal, Logo and Virtual Basic.

For younger folk being raised on the BeOS, the situation is no less frustrating.

"I asked my comp sci teacher how a demonstration program he was explaining was optimized to take advantage of multiple processors, and he just looked at me as if I asked him to slap me around with a dead fish," said Bronx Science 3rd-year student Christa Kozlinski.

However, most sociologists agree these differences are trivial when compared to other cross-generational issues.

"Sit a parent down in front of the BeOS or with the Be APIs and his child can explain the basics in just a few minutes," said Dr. John Kreeb, an expert in parent-child relations. "Try that with music, fashion, movies or books, and you're in for a very long night."


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