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26 February, 4.58pm pst
Gassée Kicks Off "Twinkie Dog" Fund Raiser

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Assuring investors that "no shareholder funds" would be used to bankroll his recent challenge to OEMs to pre-load the BeOS for free, Be, Inc. CEO Jean-Louis Gassée personally kicked off a "Twinkie Dog" fundraiser by consuming several dozen Twinkie Dogs.

How do you make a Twinkie Dog? Start by splitting a delicious Twinkie® in half lengthwise, like a hot dog bun. Then, take a hot dog and after cooking it not at all, place it in the "bun". Finally, top it all off generously with your favorite spray-on aeresol imitation cheese product.

JLG eats the first of many Twinkie Dogs

In this exclusive photo, Gassée consumes the first of many Twinkie Dogs as the first donation is made

"Considering Gassée's usual diet of fine French wine and foods, I have to really admire his dedication to his company," said industry analyst John C. Dvorak.

Fighting his natural gag reflex, Gassée had raised "a significant amount" by the end of the day. Exact figures were not available. Perhaps equally as important as the money raised was the interest gained by the event.

"I was a little suspicious of the 'free BeOS' offer, but seeing him [Gassée] chugging those Twinkie Dogs show me he is deadly serious," said the CEO of one of the top five OEMs, located in the Midwest. "I'm planning on setting up a meeting with Gassée tomorrow."

Gassée, was queasy yet cheerful as he talked to reporters between eating Twinkie Dogs and suffering hallucinations brought on by the combination of chemicals in their ingredients.

"Once you eat about three dozen or so, your taste buds go sort of numb and after that it's smooth sailing," commented Gassée.

It was not known at press time whether other Be officials would join in the Twinkie Dog eating, but Gassée reportedly said that sounded like "a fine idea".


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