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4 March, 5.22pm pst
Tom Hanks at Be HQ

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Several times this week, Hollywood mega-star Tom Hanks has been seen visiting Be, Inc. headquarters in Menlo Park, CA. Exactly what this means is up for debate.

While some sources believe Be is preparing to bring Hanks on as official spokesperson for an upcoming series of television and radio commercials, other believe grander schemes are being planned.

"We can say with almost some certainty that what's in the works is either a multi-part documentary or a film of epic proportions, which Hanks himself will direct," said one source, on the condition of anonymity. "Either that or he and Gassée are locked in a death match testing Quake II."

A spokesperson for Hanks declined to comment. Most because we couldn't get him on the phone. The spokesperson's secretary, however, certainly declined to comment.

Hanks first was introduced to the BeOS during postproduction of his HBO miniseries "From Earth to the Moon," and has been an avid BeOS fan ever since.


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