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8 March, 4.55pm pst
Fly BeOS

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) According to sources in Menlo Park, Be, Inc. is close to signing a deal with a major airline that will benefit both users of the BeOS and air travellers alike.

It seems Be officials are in final negotiations with a major airline, which we'll refer to by the mysterious initials "TWA". According to the terms of this agreement, some TWA airplanes will install low-cost BeOS terminals at every seat. From these terminals, passengers will be able to play network games with other passengers, listen to mp3 files, watch movies of their choice, compose music, order drinks and complain about the airline food.

First-class passengers will have access to all of the above plus several "premium" services, including real-time messaging with the pilot, sending suggestive messages to the flight attendents and checking the CodyCam.

In return, everyone who purchases the BeOS or third-party apps for the BeOS will gain frequent flier miles on TWA.

"In our experience, a BeOS-savvy passenger is a relaxed, well-mannered, good-humored passenger," according to Sheena Payne, director-service products for Trans World Airlines. "That's the type of passenger that makes flying a pleasure, and we are willing to trade miles to increase the richness of the user-experience of everyone on the flight."

TWA is the official airline for the BeDC. If you're travelling to the BeDC via TWA mention the code word "media kit" while reserving your flight to receive a 10% discount on the price of your airline ticket.


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