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10 March, 10.42am pst
BeOS Cyborg Dog Wows Scientists

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Be, Inc. revealed today that "Tripod", faithful mascot of The Be Line is not just a piece of clip-art, but is instead a sketch based on an actual dog who, on the brink of death, was rescued by highly experimental BeOS/cyborg technology.

While BeOS is the Media OS, we believe in keeping an eye towards future markets that can leverage the advantages of the BeOS," said Be, Inc. CEO Jean-Louis Gassée. "Embedded cybernetics, where responsiveness, mutli-tasking and stability are key is a natural fit."

According to Be, the dog was a stray who was the unfortunate victim of a car accident on the treacherous El Camino Real. Be employees who witnessed the accident rushed the dog to nearby Menlo Park Animal Hospital, but doctors there reported the damage was too great to repair by traditional methods.

The Be team acted quickly, bringing the dog to its secret R&D facility. Working non-stop for thirty-six hours, they replaced lost and damaged tissues, muscle and organs with cybernetic implants. All of the implants are coordinated by an embedded system running the BeOS. The BeOS works non-stop to coordinate visual input, tactile feedback and output to the central nervous system.

"Tripod is still in many ways a normal dog," explained a Be engineer. "He still gets his energy by eating dog food. He is still warm and soft and furry in most places. Add to that infrared telescopic vision, radar, superspeed and the strength to tow a car from a ditch with his teeth, and you have an animal who is truly man's best friend."

Tripod currently lives on the Be, Inc. campus, a friendly companion by day and fearsome security dog by night. He is not hampered at all by having only three legs. Be engineers decided not to replace the third leg, using the space instead for detachable add-ons, such as death-rays, digital video cameras and other devices under NDA.


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