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12 March, 3.45pm pst
Top Secret

BE DOPE NEWS (BDN) Be Dope was fortunate enough to come across some highly classified (and exciting) material out of Be, Inc. today. To protect the business insterests of Be, Inc. the information will be relayed in code:

U%Y+o~p`M4WA*$~9'c c*}U6.Jg;[u"'c c*}
y\`4', \A*U7xJ8F=o^4', \{*UsG!FSy\`4'
;[u="'c c*}U6.Jg;[u="?G@E*FKM3dk@?:;G
=OE1d `{=WpN`{p#=OE1d `{=WpN{p#=OEd `

KEY: (LS7jD|I%D}!

Anyone with enough BeOS expertise will be able to crack the above code with a little thought. BeOS competitors will be left scratching their heads.


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